Why should you choose Disposable Baby Diapers?

Disposable Baby Diapers

A diaper is one of the most important essentials for a baby. There are different varieties to choose from and you may have to do a bit of trial and error before you round up on the one suitable for your little one. Surveys show that about 80% of parents prefer disposable diapers owing to the huge convenience.

The benefits of baby diapers:
Baby diapers are safely used every day by parents all over the world. Since these baby diapers were invented in the 1930s, they have constantly improved. Long gone are the days of plastic outer pants, ill-fitting terry cloth inners, and constantly wet skin for babies and infants. Today’s BonBon disposable diapers are light, compact, very absorbent, prevent leaks, and easy to use.

For babies and toddlers this means they:

Are comfortable to wear due to the softness, lightness, and ‘breathability’ of the materials used.
Keep the skin drier and, as a result, healthier. These benefits have been confirmed by independent medical experts in skin and infant health. See report on skin health and hygiene benefits of absorbent hygiene products and wipes.
Are better at reducing the transmission of infectious diseases as fecal containment is reduced so that there is less risk of the spread of bacteria.

How to Choose the Best Diaper for Your Baby?

The following are the important aspects you have to take care of while choosing a diaper for your lovely newborn:

  1. Type of Diapers:
  • Tape Diapers

Suitable for newborns whose umbilical cords have not fallen off yet since parents can adjust the tape under the baby’s navel conveniently as desired. At present, the design of diapers for newborns include a soft-touch surface suitable for the sensitive skin of the baby, as well as a special curved waistband design. Parents can be confident that the baby’s navel area is well protected from friction.

For babies who are not very active yet, mostly breastfeeding and sleeping, the use of tape disposable diapers is easier because they cannot sit or stand. It is ideal to put the diaper on as the baby lies on its back and lift up the baby’s bottom.

Baby Diapers

It is suitable for babies up to 6 months because during this age, especially during the 1st month, the baby will often defecate 2-3 times a day or several times a day (every time after being fed. Babies defecate very often in the first 2-3 weeks after birth, and will gradually reduce the frequency of defecation when they reach the age of 3 months. Therefore, the use of tape diapers is appropriate.

  • Pant Diapers

When the baby is 6 months old, they often flip over onto their stomachs, rolling and crawling. They do not stay still at all 😂. This means that it becomes difficult to put them on their backs to put on tape diapers. So, during this age, putting on and removing pant diapers is easier and more convenient. You can put your baby in any position and it does not require the baby’s legs to be pulled up.

Pant diapers have an elastic band around the waist and around the legs, which are soft and flexible. Therefore, they fit comfortably with the baby’s waist. Without a tape strip, parents do not have to worry that the little ones will remove the tape due to their movements. Pant diapers ensure that the baby can move with agility, ready to learn new things. There is no need to worry about leakage.

BonBon Dry and Soft

In case you have to bring your little ones along to activities outside the home, finding the right place for changing diapers may not be easy. Pant diapers are easy to put on and take off. It is a good choice for when you are on the go.

2. Absorption


The inside of the diaper is filled with Super Absorbent Polymers(SAP) and fluff made from wood pulp and wheat/corn materials. The fluff distributes the fluid throughout the diaper and the SAP absorbs the fluid and locks it away. Every BonBon diaper has SAP. In terms of absorption, BonBon diapers at par with its market competitions.

3. Fit

While the weight indicated on the diaper cover gives a fair indication of the right size for a perfect fit, you will have to give more attention to your baby’s body shape too.

For instance, Medium size diapers are for babies weighing between 7-12 Kg. Another point to note is if you find a diaper leaking, first check whether the diaper is drenched. If not, ensure that it is properly worn. If you again find it leaking, you might have to go a size down as the present size doesn’t fit snuggly. More than often diaper leak happens because the diaper worn is oversized and not undersized.

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  1. BonBon has taken most of the baby diapers market but if you are trying to find a reliable diaper for your baby then I’ll recommend you BonBon baby pant style diapers. It is little at affordable price, every diaper gives total protection throughout the night. So be wise and make wise diction.

  2. The premium diapers of BonBon Products India are just superb. I was using their counterparts but once started using these, my baby is always dry and happy and so am I. The absorbing quality of the diapers they provide allows my baby a good sleep in the night. Will recommend everyone to use these for their babies.

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